Do You Have a Clog? Call Mendoza Plumbing to Get It Cleared.

Do You Have a Clog? Call Mendoza Plumbing to Get It Cleared.

Contact the pros for drain cleaning & drain jetting in Haltom City, TX & the Tarrant County area

Is the water in your bathtub refusing to drain or draining slowly? You might have a clog somewhere in your home's plumbing. Mendoza Plumbing offers drain cleaning and drain jetting service in Haltom City, TX and the Tarrant County area.

We're so sure that we can get rid of your clog that we offer either a six-month or 90-day warranty on the labor costs. Call us today to receive a free, no-obligation estimate on our services.

Learn more about how we clear clogs

If you need drain cleaning, then count on Mendoza Plumbing to get any clogs cleared out. Drain jetting and drain cabling are the two surest ways to unclog whatever's in your pipes.

Each method works better for different things. Here's some more information about the best two ways to clean your home's pipes:

Hydro jetting-Similar to the way power washers work, hydro jetting will send extremely pressurized water through your pipes. Not only will this method clean out clogs, it'll also clean the edges of the pipe and the drain itself.
Drain cabling-Also known as "snaking," this method is often better for bathtubs and toilets that can't be jetted safely. Cabling is the best solution for getting rid of clogs safely. It's a tried and true method that's easy on your pipes.

Mendoza Plumbing will advise you on which method will be best to resolve your plumbing issue. Reach out to us right away for more information.